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Samsung 360 Cassette

Samsung 360 Cassette Samsung 360 cassette provides the ultimate comfort by blowing 360 degree directional wind up to 10 m radius evenly throughout every corner in any space, reducing hot and cold spots along the way.  

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VRF Installation

Solution for Long Piping Requirement. This call center occupies an old office building whose air-conditioning is not even cold. Additional air conditioning unit is required as existing units cannot be upgraded. Outdoor unit has to be installed on the roof (above the 8th floor), where as the call center is on the 5th floor. As…

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VRF – Ducting

Dual Mini Duct Unit for fail-over Samsung Mini Duct Unit Installation   3/4 PK Mini Duct Installation Data Center equipment is sensitive to water leakage. To prevent any water leakage, Mini Duct unit is installed away from the Data Center room.

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Anti Lightning

The cement mixing facility compound is protected with electrostatic anti-lighting device with a coverage radius of 60m. Red blinking light indicates the device is working. Grounding is done at 3 spots around the building with earth penetration of 12m below the ground to achieve less than 1 Ohm resistance.

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